Simple Rules

A Few Simple Rules & Understandings
  • I’ve created this site because I’m a 66-year-old man in the process of down-sizing his life. I have 31 motor vehicles, three containers of car parts plus two attics full of stuff. I will about once every two weeks photo a bunch of stuff, and list it here. As I sell my stuff, I’ll delete them from this site, so if there’s an ad here from me, it’s available.
  • I’ve made this site available to others to list ads Free, and with my only motive being that the more ads, the more buyers will come to this site. The more coming to this site, the better it is for me, and you, because we sell our stuff faster.
  • You have to register to post. This is to keep spam, trolling and porn to a minimum. It is also to help you pre-fill location and contact information, allow others to see all of just your ads, and give you the ability to edit your own ads. I will not disclose any information which is not on your public ad to anyone – short of a court order. I will not sell, rent, lease or give it to anyone.
  • Like virtually every web site, we use cookies. They are for your convenience (remember your log in, etc) and provides absolutely no monetary benefit to the owner of this site.
  • Any American adult residing in the USA can place as many ads as they want, but only one ad per each legal and ethical item.
  • Only items listed in the US can be placed. I’m sorry to those outside the US, but only US ads on this site.
  • No Spam. We all know what is spam and what isn’t. I as the site administrator will make the call of leaving the ad or deleting it; warning the poster of the ad – or ban them from the site.
  • Buyers are 100% responsible for the content of their ad, and agree to Hold this Site and its Owners Harmless for any illegal ad posted. Again, this site is a free site given to you as a courtesy. This site provides its owner the expenses of running the site, but no revenue to off-set those expenses. Don’t punish me for being a nice guy by using this site for illegal or nefarious purposes.
  • Sellers are 100% responsible for their personal an monetary safety. A fool and his money soon part ways. There is no way for this site to guaranty the honesty of an ad posted – or the person posting it. It is up to you to due your proper due diligence to protect yourself.
  • While all of my thousands of on-line have gone well, I’ve had hundreds of attempts to screw my as a buyer and a seller. There are maybe a thousand ways for buyers and sellers to be screwed, so I repeat, do your homework and protect yourself. If your Spidey Senses start to tingle, pay attention to them and use even more care.
  • If you are screwed as buyer, try to work it out with each other. If you can’t, report the buyer – and while I can’t made good his bad – I’ll remove anyone from the site who I am convinced is a scammer or thief.
  • It is suggested that you place an ad for each item, as opposed to many items on one ad. The way Search Engine Optimization works, you’ll have a better chance of selling with one item per ad, and one ad per item.
  • Remove your ad once item is no longer available. It Eliminates frustration of you continuing to get calls or email after item is sold, and the prospect wasting their time.
  • Some ads expire in 45 days, most in 186 days, and a couple in 365 days. you will get an email letting you know of pending expiration, 10 days prior.
  • This site is incredible easy to use, manage and edit your ads.
  • I’ve been a web designer since Al Gore invented the Internet. I understand how to get visitors to my sites, and you can expect that listing an ad here will bring visitors to view your ad.

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