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This web site was created by Dave "the Old Hippie" Schultz to downsize his life, by selling decades of stuff he'd acquired. He's listed vehicles, car parts, Scooters, collectibles and household goods.

The way the Interweb works is that the more context a site has, the more visitors a search engine will bring to it. So it is in Dave's best interest to allow others to post their ads completely free. That is his only motivation to covering the costs of allowing you and others to also post their ads.

This site is smart phone friendly - so you can head out to the garage and photo items you want to get rid of - the immediately post the ad. Please use common sense and do your due diligence when buying. The owner of this site accepts no responcibilty from bad transactions.




This web site uses cookies as a convenience to you not having to perform repatative actions. You can always have the option clear this site's cookies within your browser when you leave the site.


1. You are currently allowed to post an unlimited number of ads of anything legal or ethical. However, Only 1 ad per item and only items in the United States.

2. You will need to register to post an ad. The only reason is to control Spam. There is no nafarious reason. We will not give, sell or lease your information to anyone. You will be immediately sent an email with a confirmation link. Click that link to prove you've given a legitimate email address. If you don't see that email in your in-box within 5 minutes, check your, Spambox, Trash and/or Aa Mailbox. If you still have a prombl, you the Contact link below.

3. Currently, your ads won't expire, so you will need to delete you ad when sold or otherwise no linger available. There are links at the bottom of the page to answer your questions and offer help.