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Do you have a car or a large item needing to be transported?

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  • Do you have a car or a large item needing to be transported?

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    • Fenders, other body or large car parts
    • engine, transmission or axle
    • Motorcycle, ATV
    • any large item?
    There are people with empty trailers in one direction orf an empty under coach storage compartment in their motorhome who might be able to help you get a better price than a broker will give, with less hassle and to you sooner without the great expense of crating. Simply post your need in the transportation section and you might save some money. State the to and from destinations, the description and size/weight, and what help will be provided to load and unload in your ad.


    I have a hood and two fenders to a 63 Plymouth that need to go from San Antonio, Texas to Buffalo, New York. They are uncrated and will need to be protected from damage. I'll help you load and the person getting them delivered to will help unload. Would really like to get this to happen in the next week or two but can wait as long two months if that's when your trip is planned. Email me at myname @ with the day you can pick and and deliver -- and how much you will charge. If you are local to me -- I can drop off.

    This is as new section to the classifieds -- so the more people use it -- the more people will start to check it. Someone has to blink first -- so keep posting even if you don't hook up the first couple of times. When you run across a friend or buyer looking to have something big and uncrated delivered -- roll them a bone and tell them about this site. If you know you're going to be going on a long trip and will have space in your trailer and/or motorhome and or pickup truck bed -- post your availability and you might get your fuel paid for by picking something up at the beginning of your trip and dropping off on the way or at the end.

    I live 40 miles SW of downtown Houston, TX.

    TEXT ME ONLY if you're interested what I'm selling. Because of Spam calls - I do not answer from numbers not already in my phone book
    Sorry, I can't crate and ship large items. Placing an ad in the Transportation Section of this site to get it transported to you uncrated